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John Pohl
President, Springs Connect

With over 35 years of home improvement experience in lead generation and lead setting under our belts, we understand your sales reps need to be able to demo and sell the leads they run. It does no one any good to run bogus leads.

“I have found that if you surround yourself with good people and put out leads that your sales people have an opportunity to sell, you will be successful. I have been fortunate over the years to do both things.”

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We will take your existing lead flow and convert it better than anyone, taking that worry off your plate so you can focus on sales. Our expert staff of seasoned CSR's can also create leads for you.

About Us

John has worked in the home improvement industry for 36 years.  He has run call centers for some of the largest companies in the industry from bathroom remodeling and window replacement to siding and kitchen remodeling.

He has a distinguished track record of putting out quality leads on a consistent basis.